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My Story

I am a published artist of original artwork at Henry Plant Museum in Florida. My whole life included some form of an art. My hands and my mind are always busy planning, creating, making. It’s not that I discovered art at some point. It is who I am, what I know, and what I do. It is my happy place where anything is possible, where magic and inspirations collide into artistic expressions.

I have worked in several different art related areas. Before the digital age I worked for years as an airbrush illustration artist and photo retoucher. These skills combine patience and great deal of attention to detail which I use in making my jewelry designs today.

"Lu Prince Jewelry" started 18 years ago with the birth of my son Ryan who was born with Down’s syndrome. I left my busy airbrush artist job and the projects with deadlines so that I could take care of my son.

Since I live in Florida my family and I frequented beaches where I started collecting tiniest shells that were in the shape of flower petal. I made many earrings out of these gorgeous gifts from nature and sold them to local shops on the beach. Soon after that I ventured into metals and semi precious gemstones and started sketching my designs, and then identifying materials and purchasing.

Thank you for visiting Lu Prince Jewelry, my online store where you can purchase keepsake jewelry for gift giving, holidays, anniversary, wedding or graduation. We offer beautiful jewelry for women who like unusual gemstones and unique designs.Take look at jewelry collections of bracelets, necklaces and earring. All the jewelry is created with exotic semi precious gemstones like amethyst, turquoise, pearls and jaspers that come from different parts of the world"

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